Born in Edinburgh, Military trained, Ian Haggerty moved to Canada in 1993 where he studied at the Dundas Valley School of Art, in Ontario. He has won numerous awards and commissions across North America, Europe and Australia, and regards his lifelike sculptures of people and animals within nature as his specialty. Ian works predominantly in steel, resin, clay polymer concrete and bronze. Ian is currently a resident of the Gold Coast and has achieved a significant following for his sculptures.




Ian looks to nature for his inspiration; he is a prolific traditional/realist Sculptor (with a sympathetic twist) and revels in the smallest detail of any sculpture he produces. He particularly likes the work of the old masters (Michelangelo, Rodin, etc) also the new generation of today's master sculptors, such as Bruno Lucchesi, Philippe Faraut, Vince Payne, Dave McGarry, and of course the brilliant works of Richard McDonald.  Ian is respectful of the amount of work and time they spend on producing stunning sculptures; that are very detailed and sympathetic to their subject matter. It is very evident in their finished sculptures, that true quality comes at a price, and generally that price requires steadfast passion, dedication, talent and a significant time commitment as these all go hand in hand.

Ian strongly believes that it can be difficult to improve too much on the beauty of nature; however, sometimes the sculptor, artist is able to enhance a single moment in time by providing a different perspective to reality. Ian has a strong passion for the need to sculpt, he mostly enjoys sculpting people and animals interacting in a harmonious and sustainable setting. 


Currently he revels in sculpting Large Scale Steel Plate laser cut ANZAC sculptures for the Dept Of Veteran Affairs.  He also revels in sculpting highly detailed Western and Australian Cowboys (Drovers) working either alone or with their horses and will be sculpting a whole series of these beautifully cast bronze equine sculptures.


Over the years, he has progressed from minute finger sized resin sculpted figurines, to large scale public art monuments; some over 6.5 metres high and finished in high polished stainless steel, concrete, bronze and or resin, with some of his sculptures weighing well over a tonne. This evolution of scale, combined with Ian’s relentless passion for detail, has stood him in good stead for his recent works and he really enjoys it when people can see the empathy he has for the subject matter and that little extra effort in the sculptural work he portrays.



Ian Haggerty established Art on the Fringe in 2010 to provide a dedicated platform of communication between commercial business and the local art community for the commission, design, creation and installation of public artwork for municipal and commercial art projects.  Artists or companies affiliated to Art on the Fringe are professional artists, fabricators and associates with recognised experience in all sizes and mediums for public sculptural art project.


Art on the Fringe affiliates are united in their need to share their knowledge, gifts and talent in collaboration with municipalities, local business and the community in the production of inspiring public artwork unique to the Australasian region, highlighting the growing importance of quality sustainable art in our environment.  The focus of Art on the Fringe is to bring genuine visual and tactile benefit to the community. The creative talents to Art on the Fringe are strengthened by its willingness to co-operate not only with other artists but with members of the community who wish to see a better future and lifestyle.


Art on the Fringe aims to be a reliable voice for public art within the community dedicated to fostering a dynamic and diverse local art presence. It will endeavour to ensure that Art on the Fringe provides vision, leadership, education and local employment.  Art on the Fringe can act as a forum for artists to cooperate with each other and other entities in a creative professional environment for the delivery of exciting public art.

Art on the Fringe seeks commissions and tenders for art specific projects - from concept, design, creation and subsequent installation - ensuring budget adherence and quality project management whilst collaborating with commercial or municipal planning teams.