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Ian Haggerty - Sculpting for 25 years

Born in Edinburgh, Military trained (Chieftain Tanks), Ian Haggerty moved to Canada in 1993 where he studied at the Dundas Valley School of Art, in Ontario. He has won numerous awards and commissions across North America, Europe and Australia, and regards his life-like sculptures of people and animals within nature as his specialty. Ian works predominantly in steel, resin, clay polymer concrete, and bronze. Ian is currently a resident of the Gold Coast and has achieved a significant following for his Steel silhouette sculptures.

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By Sculptor Ian Haggerty



‘100’ represents all three of the armed services in one dynamic representation i.e. contained with the ‘100’ symbol.” Ian says he wanted ‘100’ to be a very simple and contemporary looking piece, one that will last another 100 years or more. “It’s highly visible where its located, with thousands of people seeing it every day, and for them it will really come to life at night when it’s backlit.” 


Ian's ‘Limitless’ installation, at the Bond University, with all 26,000 past students’ names engraved on the wings is the highlight of his career. Ian was honoured to have been chosen from a number of other very worthy sculptors.


“The idea for me was to physically represent the limitless possibilities created by education and the Bond community, by showing that there is no age, gender, race or religious barrier to the educated human mind.”

Ian says that’s why the sculpture has a world globe at its centre with four wings representing the four pillars of learning.

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