Ring of Bright Water

"Swirls of Light" for Sale $15,000.00

The Sea Otter’s, sculpture "Swirls Of Light" was inspired by the book/movie Ring of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell,

The Otters play amongst the Kelp chasing the Fish as individually or as a family unit, playfully oblivious to mans intervention. They are however, reenacting a scene a million years old, and are a testament to all sea creatures durability and sustainability. The environment of the sea though often harsh, is delicately beautiful in moments that can be enjoyed, I believe that I have endeavored to show this by the representation of the Slumped Toughened glass, represent the Swirls of Lights” that are never ending in time or space.

Ian Haggerty 2015

Bronze Otters and fish, Glass, steel

Bronze sculptureBronze Sculpture